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International Name : Androxine

Contains : Trenbolone

Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma

Form : Ampoules

Packing : 10 Ampoules

Strength : 1 ml 50 Mg/ml

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Androxine is an injectable steroid which contains the hormone buy Trenbolone Aqua Suspension in a planning of 50 mg for each ML.The water base is quick acting. Along these lines, weight lifters utilizing this substance regularly locate that day by day infusions are best for keep blood levels as reliable as could be allowed.

Tren, as it is regularly called, is both exceptionally androgenic and anabolic. It is synthetically unfit to aromatize, and along these lines delivers no estrogen development. This, alongside its high androgenic properties, makes the muscle delivered by this medication hard and characterized.

Androxine first got its notoriety when it was utilized as a part of the amazing steroid. ¬†Clients of this medication frequently noted emotional outcomes that were absolutely astounding, and after it was tragically stopped, the recollected impacts of the substance gave it clique like status and the market was overflowed with bunk Parabolan amps by those hoping to benefit off the extraordinary prominence and fan base that this current steriod’s mind boggling comes about had sparked.

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