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Masivet 150mg

International Name : Masivet 150mg

Contains : Masitinib 150mg

Form : Tablets

Packing : 30 Tablets

Strength : 150mg

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Masivet 150mg

Masivet 150mg is a light orange, round, film-covered tablet. Every tablet contains either 50 mg or 150 mg of masitinib, which is the dynamic substance. Every tablet likewise contains Sunset yellow FCF (E 110) aluminium lake and Titanium dioxide (E171) as colourants.

The tablets are set apart with “”50″” or “”150″” on one side, and with the organization logo on the opposite side. 0 Masivet is for the treatment of mutts with non-resectable pole cell tumours (Grade 2 or 3) with an affirmed transformed c-pack tyrosine kinase receptor.”


Masivet is a physician endorsed prescription used to treat hound pole cell tumours. Pole cell tumours are dangerous multiplications of pole cells. It is a heterogeneous malady which can be moderately blameless or forcefully dangerous. In specific conditions, pole cell tumours can be hazardous for your pooch. Masivet may expand the time before the tumours advance.

Side Effects: 

  • Mild or moderate neutropenia with a mean span of around 24 days.
  • Protein-misfortune disorder (basically because of a decline in serum egg whites).
  • The severe renal danger may happen in pooches experiencing renal scatters toward the beginning of treatment (counting high blood creatinine level or proteinuria).
  • Moderate to serious sickliness (aplastic/haemolytic) with a mean span of roughly 7 days.
  • Increase in aminotransferase (ALT or AST) with a mean span of around 29 days. Other, generally watched unfriendly responses were much of the time mellow or moderate:

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