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Monobenzone Cream USP

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Monobenzone Cream USP

International Name: Marketing Authorization Holder: Pack Size:
Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Single tube – 1pack = 9tubes
Contains:       Strength: Presentation:
Albaquin       20 % x 20 gms

  Cream – Tube

Monobenzone is the monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone. Monobenzone happens as a white, relatively boring crystalline powder, solvent in liquor and for all intents and purposes insoluble in water. Benoquin Cream 20% is a depigmenting specialist whose instrument of activity isn’t completely caught on. The topical use of monobenzone in creatures, builds the discharge of melanin from the melanocytes. A similar activity is believed to be in charge of the depigmenting impact of the medication in people. Monobenzone may cause demolition of melanocytes and lasting depigmentation. This impact is flighty and may take one to four months to happen while existing melanin is lost with ordinary sloughing of the stratum corneum. Hyperpigmented skin seems to blur more quickly than does typical skin, and introduction to daylight decreases the depigmenting impact of the medication. The histology of the skin after depigmentation with topical monobenzone is the same as that found in vitiligo; the epidermis is typical aside from the nonattendance of identifiable melanocytes. Benoquin Cream 20% is connected topically to for all time depigment ordinary skin encompassing vitiliginous sores in patients with scattered (more prominent than 50 percent of body surface region) idiopathic vitiligo. Benoquin Cream 20% isn’t suggested in freckling; hyperpigmentation caused by photosensitization following the utilization of specific aromas (berlock dermatitis); melasma (chloasma) of pregnancy; or hyperpigmentation coming about because of irritation of the skin.

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