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Gilenya 0.5mg

International Name : Gilenya 0.5mg

Contains : Fingolimod

Manufacturer : Novartis pharma

Form : Capsules

Packing : 25 Capsules

Strength : 0.5 mg

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Gilenya 0.5mg

Gilenya is an immunomodulator appeared to profit patients with backsliding types of MS. … The JC infection is a typical infection that is innocuous in a great many people yet can cause PML in a few patients who have debilitated insusceptible frameworks, including those taking immunosuppressant drugs. GILENYA is shown for the treatment of backsliding types of numerous sclerosis (MS) in patients 10 years old and more seasoned. Fingolimod hydrochloride is a white to for all intents and purposes white powder that is uninhibitedly dissolvable in water and liquor and solvent in propylene glycol. It has an atomic load of 343.93. GILENYA is given as 0.5 mg hard gelatin containers for oral use. Each container contains 0.56 mg of fingolimod hydrochloride, equal to 0.5 mg of fingolimod.


Gilenya Capsule is utilized for the treatment, control, counteractive action, and enhancement of the accompanying illnesses, conditions and manifestations:

Different sclerosis :

  • This harm backs off or squares messages between your cerebrum and your body, prompting the manifestations of MS. They can incorporate
  • Visual aggravations
  • Muscle shortcoming
  • Issue with coordination and parity
  • Sensations, for example, deadness, prickling, or “sticks and needles”
  • Considering and memory issues.


Before utilizing Gilenya Capsule, educate your specialist about your present rundown of meds, over the counter items (for example nutrients, home grown enhancements, and so on.), sensitivities, prior illnesses, and current well being conditions (for example pregnancy, forthcoming medical procedure, and so forth.). Some well being conditions may make you progressively vulnerable to the reactions of the medication.Measurement depends on your condition.Vital advising focuses are recorded beneath.

  • Keep away from contact with individuals who have diseases
  • Try not to drive or work apparatus
  • Try not to miss any portion
  • Pregnant, intending to get pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Utilize prophylactic techniques.

When not to Use:

Excessive touchiness to Gilenya Capsule is a contraindication. Likewise, Gilenya Capsule ought not be utilized on the off chance that you have the accompanying conditions:

  • Dynamic contamination
  • History of heart assault
  • History of stroke
  • History of transient ischemic assault
  • History of unsteady angina
  • Extreme touchiness
  • Unpredictable heartbeat.

Side Effects:

Gilenya may cause a genuine mind contamination that can prompt incapacity or demise. Summon your specialist right on the off chance that you have issues with discourse, thought, vision, or muscle development. These side effects may begin step by step and deteriorate rapidly.

  • chest torment, moderate or sporadic pulses, unsteadiness, tiredness;
  • gleaming knobs on your skin, wounds that don’t mend, uncommon moles that adjustment in shading or size;
  • fever, chills, body throbs, tiredness, sickness and spewing, neck solidness, expanded affectability to light;
  • injuries in your mouth and throat, mouth blisters, bruises on your genital or butt-centric region;
  • vision issues, obscured vision, eye torment, or having a vulnerable side or shadows in the focal point of your (vision issues may happen 3 to 4 months after you begin taking this medication);
  • cerebral pain, perplexity, change in mental status, vision misfortune, seizure (spasms);
  • shortness of breath; or
  • liver issues – sickness, upper stomach torment, tiredness, loss of hunger, dull pee, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).

If you notice other side-effects not listed above, contact your doctor for medical advice. You may also report side-effects to your local food and drug administration authority.


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