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Ongentys 50mg

International Name : Ongentys 50mg

Contains : Opicapone

Manufacturer : Bial - Portela

Form : Capsules

Packing : 30 Capsules

Strength : 50mg

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Ongentys 50mg


What is Ongentys (opicapone) for?

Ongentys (opicapone) is shown for the treatment of grown-up patients with Parkinson ailment. It is utilized as an extra to levodopa/DOPA decarboxylase inhibitors (DDCI) (different drugs for Parkinson’s illness) in patients who are having changes in the control of their condition1.

How does Ongentys (opicapone) work?

Parkinson’s sickness creates when neurons (mind cells) in a specific piece of the cerebrum quit working appropriately and are lost after some time. These neurons deliver an essential synthetic called dopamine. Dopamine is utilized by the mind to send messages crosswise over cerebrum zones to help control development. In the long run, the mind can’t make enough dopamine to control the development legitimately. There is as of now no remedy for Parkinson’s Disease. Existing medications expect to enable patients to oversee symptoms3.

The dynamic substance in Ongentys (opicapone) attempts to reestablish the dimensions of dopamine in the zones of the cerebrum that control development and coordination. It upgrades the impacts of another medication, levodopa, normally used to treat Parkinson’s Disease. Opicapone obstructs a compound that is associated with the breakdown of levodopa in the body, called catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT). Subsequently, levodopa stays dynamic for more. This soothes the manifestations of Parkinson’s ailment, for example, solidness and gradualness of movement1.

Is Ongentys (opicapone) affirmed?

Opicapone was affirmed for regarding patients with Parkinson’s Disease as an extra to levodopa/DOPA decarboxylase inhibitors (DDCI) in patients who are having vacillations in the control of their condition1 by:

European Medicines Agency (EMA) June 24, 2016

How would I take Ongentys (opicapone)?

The prescribed treatment comprises of 50mg, taken once per day at sleep time, somewhere around one hour prior to or after levodopa blend medicines1.

Note: Consult your treating specialist for customized dosing.

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