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Omnacortil Forte

International Name : Omnacortil Forte Syrup

Contains : Prednisolone sodium Phosphate

Manufacturer : McLeaods Pharmaceuticals

Form : Syrup

Packing : Bottle

Strength : 15mg/5ml

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Omnacortil Forte


  • Omnacortil 15 MG Syrup is a medication which is utilized to diminish swelling in conditions like agonizing joint swelling and infections/issues. Use with alert in the patients with (infection where glucose swings fiercely).
  • Omnacortil Syrup is utilized to treat specific kinds of (solid, awful body responses), annoying/swelling conditions, skin and eye ailments, and malignant growths. This incorporates breathing illness, various sclerosis, agonizing joint ailment, nephrotic infection, blood malignant growth, and lymphoma. This medication works by hindering the reaction of certain annoying/swelling cells that reason swelling, redness and agony in the body.
  • Omnacortil is additionally used to lessen the torment from certain agressive type of malignant growths, for example, sudden and genuine blood disease and swelling of the thyroid organ.
  • Omnacortil 15 MG Syrup is utilized with alert in the patients with (ailment where glucose swings fiercely) as it expands the glucose levels. Normal watching/administering of glucose levels is fundamental. A decent antidiabetic specialist ought to be endorsed dependent on the drug based condition.

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