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Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pack of 5 Bottles
Contains: Strength: Presentation:
Pegasparagase 3750 IU

 3750 IU/5ml


Pegaspargase is a tumor solution that meddles with the development and spread of growing cells in the body. Pegaspargase is utilized as a part of the blend with other tumor solutions to treat intense lymphoblastic leukemia. This solution is likewise used to treat unfavorably susceptible responses to another malignancy pharmaceutical called. Pegaspargase is utilized to treat intense lymphocytic leukemia. Utilized as a part of a few patients who have had an extreme touchiness response to another type of asparaginase.Pegaspargase is given as an infusion into a huge muscle (intramuscular or IM). Contingent upon your dosage, the medicine may be isolated into two infusions.Pegaspargase might be surrendered to the vein as an implantation (intravenous or IV).

There is no pill type of pegaspargase.

The measure of pegaspargase that you will get, and how it is given, relies upon numerous variables, including your tallness and weight, your general wellbeing or other medical issues, and the sort of growth or condition being dealt with. Your specialist will decide your dosage and calendar.

Side Effects:-

  • Queasiness and retching, for the most part, gentle
  • Poor craving
  • Stomach torment
  • Shortcoming

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