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Fluka 150mg

International Name : Fluka 150mg

Contains : Fluconazole

Manufacturer : Cipla Ltd

Form : Tablet

Packing : 1 Tablets

Strength : 150 mg

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Fluka 150mg

Fluconazole is utilized to avert and treat candidiasis. Candidiasis is caused by contamination with one of the many sorts of the organism Candida. Cases of candidiasis incorporate vaginal yeast contamination and oral yeast disease, which is otherwise called thrush. This medication additionally treats meningitis (contamination of the mind or spinal string or both) caused by the growth Cryptococcus. Liver disappointment cautioning. This medication may make you create liver disappointment. Your specialist may check your liver capacity with blood tests while you take this medication. In the event that you create liver disappointment from taking this medication, it’s generally reversible once you quit taking it. Skin rashes cautioning. This medication can cause a serious rash that can cause demise. You should quit taking the medication If that you build up any rashes.

Why it’s utilized

Fluconazole is utilized to forestall and treat a sort of contagious contaminations called candidiasis. These contaminations are normally known as yeast diseases. These diseases can occur on many parts of your body, including your vagina, mouth, throat, throat, lungs, and blood. Individuals who’ve had bone marrow transplants will probably wind up noticeably tainted with an extreme type of on the grounds that their insusceptible framework is bring down right now. Hence, this medication is utilized to keep them from getting Fluconazole likewise treats meningitis (disease of the mind and spinal string) caused by the growth Cryptococcus.

How it functions

Fluconazole has a place with a class of medications called triazole antifungals. A class of medications is a gathering of prescriptions that work also. These medications are frequently used to treat comparative conditions. Fluconazole works by hindering the capacity of the parasites Candida and Cryptococcus to repeat. For individuals with diseases from these parasites, this medication disposes of the contamination. For individuals at higher danger of candidiasis, it keeps a contamination from happening.


The more typical symptoms of fluconazole oral tablet rely upon the amount of the medication you have to take. These reactions can include:

  • Cerebral pain
  • Loose bowels
  • Sickness Or Upset Stomach
  • Discombobulation
  • Stomach Pain

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