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Penepin Jr

International Name : Penepin Jr

Contains : Epipen Injection

Manufacturer : Mylan Specalty LP

Form : Injection

Packing : 1 Injection

Strength : 0.3mg / 0.3ml

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Penepin Jr

Epinephrine, better known by its exchange name Adrenaline, is the most essential medication in the treatment of anaphylactic stun. This treatment turns out to be a lot simpler with gadgets equipped for self-infusing the substance into the patient’s muscle.

The self-injectable structure is the most suitable introduction for individuals who are new to needles and infusions. Setting up a portion of adrenaline in an unpleasant circumstance in a medicinal crisis, for example, a hypersensitivity emergency isn’t a simple and safe assignment, taking note of that the restorative window of adrenaline (the contrast between the helpful portion and poisonous portion) is little.

Accordingly, autoinjector gadgets, for example, Penepin maintain a strategic distance from intemperate portions, since they have a fixed measure of the medication, 0.15mg for kids and 0.3mg for grown-ups, a solitary portion to be connected to the thigh in a down to earth and safe way.


This prescription is utilized in crises to treat intense unfavorably susceptible responses to creepy crawly stings/chomps, nourishment, drugs, or different substances. Epinephrine acts rapidly to improve breathing, invigorate the heart, raise a dropping circulatory strain, invert hives, and lessen swelling of the face, lips, and throat.

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