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Grifols 20 / 100ml

International Name : Grifols 20 / 100ml

Contains : Human Serum Albumin IP 20%

Form : Liquid

Strength : 20g/100ml

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Grifols 20 / 100ml

Human Albumin Grifols is a protein delivered by the liver that flows in plasma (the reasonable fluid part of your blood). Therapeutic Human Albumin Grifols is made of plasma proteins from human blood. Human Albumin Grifols works by expanding plasma volume or levels of Human Albumin Grifols in the blood.

Human Albumin Grifols is utilized to supplant blood volume misfortune coming about because of injury, for example, a serious consumes or damage that causes blood misfortune. This medication is likewise used to treat low Human Albumin Grifols levels brought about by medical procedure, dialysis, stomach contaminations, liver disappointment, pancreatitis, respiratory misery, sidestep medical procedure, ovarian issues brought about by fruitfulness drugs, and other numerous different conditions.

Human Albumin Grifols may likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded in this drug control.

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