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International Name : Vaniqa

Contains : Eflornitine Hydrochloride

Manufacturer : Allergan

Form : Tube

Packing : 1 Tube

Strength : 30g

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This prescription is utilized to back off the development of undesirable hair on the face and under the jaw in ladies. It ought not be utilized for hair on different pieces of the body. It obstructs a specific normal substance (a catalyst) that is required for hair development in the skin. This impact moderates hair development and may likewise make the hair better and lighter. It doesn’t evacuate hair or cause the hair to drop out.

This medication isn’t for use in youngsters more youthful than 12 years.


This prescription accompanies a Patient Information Leaflet. Peruse it cautiously. Ask your specialist, attendant, or drug specialist any inquiries that you may have about this prescription.

Apply a flimsy layer of this prescription just to the influenced regions of the face and jawline, and rub in well. It is typically connected twice every day somewhere around 8 hours separated or as coordinated by your specialist. Try not to apply for no less than 5 minutes after hair evacuation (e.g., culling, shaving). Try not to wash the treated zone for something like 4 hours.

Wash hands following utilizing this item. This prescription is for use on the skin as it were. Abstain from getting the item in your eyes, nose, or mouth. In the event that the drug gets in these territories, wash promptly with clean water. On the off chance that this medication gets in your eyes, flush altogether with water and contact your specialist.

Hold up until the drug has dried totally before applying beauty care products, creams, or sunscreens over the treated regions.

This item isn’t a hair expulsion item. Keep on utilizing hair evacuation methods (e.g., shaving, culling) while at the same time utilizing this prescription. In the event that you quit utilizing this item, hair development will return.

You should see some improvement in 4 to about two months. This prescription works gradually. Utilize precisely as coordinated. Try not to utilize a greater amount of this item or use it all the more frequently. Your condition won’t improve quicker, and the danger of symptoms will increment. Tell your specialist if your skin winds up red or bothered. Your specialist may guide you to apply the drug just once every day or stop the medicine.

Tell your specialist if your condition perseveres or exacerbates.

Side Effects:

Consuming, stinging, shivering, and redness of the skin may happen. On the off chance that these impacts continue or decline, tell your specialist.

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