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International Name : Aimovig

Contains : Erenumab

Manufacturer : Amgen Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

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Aimovig (erenumab) is a medicine utilized for the preventive treatment of long-winded and interminable headache.

What is aimovig?

Aimovig (erenumab) is the main FDA-affirmed preventive headache treatment in another class of medications that work by hindering the action of calcitonin quality related peptide, an atom that is engaged with headache attacks1.

Who is Aimovig for?

Aimovig (erenumab) is demonstrated for use as once month to month preventive treatment of grown-ups who experience the ill effects of long winded and ceaseless headache attacks2.

How does Aimovig work?

The dynamic substance in Aimovig, erenumab, is a human monoclonal counter acting agent that obstructs the action of an atom called calcitonin quality related peptide (CGRP) which is engaged with headache attacks1,2. In spite of the fact that the correct reasons for a headache are as yet obscure, numerous examinations have affirmed that the arrival of calcitonin quality related peptide (CGRP) is expanded amid intense headache assaults. The restraint of CGRP and its receptor has demonstrated compelling in headache help with discomfort, supporting the speculation of its association in the disease3.

Where has Aimovig been affirmed?

Aimovig (erenumab) was affirmed for the treatment of patients with a headache by:

Nourishment and Drug Administration (FDA), USA, on May 17, 20181

Restorative Goods Administration (TGA), Australia, July 2, 20184

Swissmedic, Switzerland, July 16, 20186

European Medical Agency (EMA), European Union, July 30, 20185

Wellbeing Canada, Canada, August 1, 20187.

Kindly note that this medication may have likewise been endorsed in different locales than the ones we’ve recorded. In the event that you have an inquiry concerning its endorsement in a particular nation don’t hesitate to contact our help group.

How is Aimovig taken?

The standard dose is2:

70 mg infused subcutaneously (under the skin) when month to month.

A few patients may profit by a measurement of 140 mg infused subcutaneously once month to month, which is regulated as two sequential subcutaneous infusions of 70 mg each.

Aimovig (erenumab) is proposed for patient self-organization.

Complete data about Aimovig (erenumab) measurements and organization can be found in the authority endorsing data recorded in our assets section2.

Note: Please counsel with your treating specialist for customized dosing.

Are there any known symptoms or unfavorable responses of Aimovig (erenumab)?

Regular unfriendly responses

The most widely recognized unfriendly responses happening with a recurrence of in any event 3% recorded in the endorsing data include2:

infusion site responses


Use in explicit populaces

There is no sufficient information on the formative hazard related with the utilization of Aimovig (erenumab) in pregnant ladies, or on the nearness of erenumab in a human drain or the impact on breastfed infants2.

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