Aldurazyme (laronidase)

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Aldurazyme (laronidase)

International Name : Aldurazyme 2.9mg/ 5 ml

Contains : Laronidase

Manufacturer : Genzyme

Form : Vial

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 2.9mg/ 5ml

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Aldurazyme (laronidase)

Aldurazyme contains a compound that happens normally in the body in sound individuals. A few people come up short on this catalyst as a result of a hereditary issue. Laronidase replaces this missing chemical in such individuals.

Laronidase is utilized to treat a portion of the manifestations of a hereditary condition called mucopolysaccharidosis (MYOO-koe-pol-ee-SAK-a-rye-DOE-sister) or MPS I, additionally called Hurler disorder, Hurler-Scheie disorder, or Scheie disorder.

MPS I is a metabolic issue in which the body comes up short on the compound expected to separate certain substances. These substances can develop in the body, causing broadened organs, unusual bone structure, changes in facial highlights, breathing issues, heart issues, vision or hearing misfortune, and changes in mental or physical capacities.

Get crisis therapeutic help on the off chance that you have indications of a hypersensitive response: hives; wheezing, troublesome breathing; moderate pulses; feeling like you may go out; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

An unfavorably susceptible response may happen amid or not long after implantation of this drug (up to 3 hours later).Tell your parental figures or get crisis therapeutic help immediately in the event that you have any indications of an extreme hypersensitive response, for example,

• quick breathing, or feeling shy of breath;

• wheezing, chest snugness;

• feeling like you may go out, even while resting;

• quick or moderate pulses;

• perspiring, cold or damp skin;

• fair skin; or

• blue lips or fingernails.

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