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International Name : Menngly

Contains : Mannitol With Glycerin IV Infusion

Manufacturer : Accilex Critical Care

Form : Bottale

Strength : 100 ml

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Mannitol I.V. (Mannitol Injection, USP) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic arrangement of (mannitol infusion) infusion) in water for infusion accessible in groupings of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% in adaptable plastic compartments and 25% of every a vial for organization by intravenous implantation just The arrangements contain no bacteriostat, antimicrobial operator or included cushion (with the exception of pH change) and each is planned just as a solitary measurement infusion. At the point when littler measurements are required the unused segment ought to be discarded. Mannitol (mannitol infusion) infusion) Injection, USP is a parenteral compulsory osmotic diuretic. Mannitol, USP is artificially assigned D (mannitol infusion) infusion) (C6H14O6), a white crystalline powder or free-streaming granules uninhibitedly solvent in water. It has the accompanying basic recipe: Mannitol I.V. (Mannitol infusion) infusion) Injection, USP) is demonstrated for the accompanying purposes in grown-ups and pediatric patients.

Therapeutic Use

  • Promotion of diuresis in the counteractive action or treatment of the oliguric period of intense renal disappointment before irreversible renal disappointment ends up noticeably settled.
  • Reduction of intracranial weight and cerebrum mass.
  • Reduction of high intraocular weight when the weight can’t be brought down by different means.
  • Promotion of urinary discharge of poisonous materials.

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