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Hysafe 500mg

International Name : Hysafe 500mg

Contains : Hydroprogesterone

Manufacturer : Accilex Critical Care

Form : Ampule

Packing : 1 X 2 ml

Strength : 500 mg

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Hysafe 500mg

Hydroxyprogesterone is utilized to bring down the danger of untimely birth in a lady who has just had one untimely child. This drug won’t stop untimely work that has as of now begun. Hydroxyprogesterone isn’t for use in ladies who are pregnant with more than one infant (twins, triplets, and so on).

Hydroxyprogesterone is infused into a muscle. A human services supplier will give you this injection. The first hydroxyprogesterone infusion is typically given amid the sixteenth through the twentieth seven day stretch of pregnancy. The typical dosing plan is one infusion for each week until the 37th week or until the point that your child is conceived. Take after your specialist’s instructions.

Your specialist should check your advance all the time while you are utilizing hydroxyprogesterone. Try not to miss any booked arrangements. Each lady should stay under the care of a specialist amid pregnancy.

Store in an upright position at room temperature far from dampness, warmth, and light. Each single-utilize vial (bottle) of this solution is for one utilize as it were. Discard after one utilizes, regardless of whether there is still some prescription left in it in the wake of infusing your measurements.


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