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Daclahep 60mg

International Name : Daclahep 60mg

Contains : Daclatasvir

Manufacturer : Hetero healthcare limited

Form : Tablets

Packing : 28 Tablets

Strength : 60 mg

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Daclahep 60mg

Daclahep 60 mg tablet (Daclatasvir 60mg) is utilized in the treatment of constant Hepatitis C causing the infection. This “prescription” is utilized in the evacuation of the contamination causing infection from the blood and this would happen simply after a specific span. Taking these tablets on time can fix Hepatitis C successfully.


This medicine should be taken in dosages as prescribed by the doctor

  • Chewing, Crushing, Biting the medicine is not recommended
  • Swallowing the medicine as a whole with water is recommended

Since this medicine is used in the treatment of “Hepatitis C”, you need to maintain the same time throughout the medicine course for it to work properly.

Side Effects:

The majority of the general population have griped of a migraine subsequent to utilizing this medication Some of the patients have grumbled of exhaustion now and again in the wake of taking this drug.

The other sort of protests or “reactions” which individuals have confronted is Insomnia (Lack of Sleep), and some of them have griped about Anemia too.

These are a portion of the symptoms of utilizing this prescription however separated from these, there are no different things that have been accounted for.



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