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Acivir Cream 5g

International Name : Acivir

Contains : Aciclovir IP 5% w/w

Manufacturer : Golden Cross Pharma Pvt.Ltd

Form : Tube

Strength : 5% w/w – 5 g

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Acivir Cream 5g

Aciclovir cream contains a dynamic element of a similar name: aciclovir. It is an antiviral solution that is utilized to treat skin contaminations with the herpes simplex infection, for instance mouth blisters. Aciclovir works by halting the herpes simplex infection from recreating and tainting more cells.


Aciclovir cream is utilized to treat mouth blisters. Mouth blisters are an exceptionally normal ailment caused by the herpes simplex infection and are described by: Tender, consuming or shivering zones close by the lips that form into gatherings of liquid filled rankles and injuries. The bruises wind up noticeably secured by scabs that, regularly, tumble off after around 10 days. Aciclovir backs off the development of the infection, along these lines supporting the recuperating procedure. It likewise gives here and now alleviation from side effects, for example, tingling and torment. This medication is for topical use on the skin as it were. The cream should be connected meagerly to the influenced zones. Keep away from contact with the eyes, mouth and mucous layers. Utilize the cream just on ordinary skin. Wash your hands altogether subsequent to applying the cream. The herpes simplex infection is exceptionally infectious, so ensure you watch great cleanliness.

Side Effects:

Temporary consuming, tingling or stinging at the application site;

Dryness or chipping of the skin where the cream is connected.


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