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Ceprotin 500UI

International Name : Ceprotin 500UI

Contains : human protein C

Manufacturer : Baxalta Pharma

Form : Injection

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 500 UL

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Ceprotin 500UI

Protein C from human plasma filtered by mouse monoclonal antibodies. CEPROTIN 500 IU* is set up as a powder containing ostensibly 500 IU human protein C per compartment. The item reconstituted with 5 ml of Sterilized Water for Injections contains roughly 100 IU/ml human protein C.The intensity (IU) is resolved utilizing a chromogenic substrate technique against the World Health Organization (WHO) International standard. Ceprotin Solution contains Protein C as an active ingredient .


CEPROTIN is also used to prevent thrombosis in patients with severe congenital deficiency in protein C if one or more of the following conditions occur:

  • surgery or imminent invasive therapy;
  • initiation of coumarin therapy (anticoagulant medication, anti-thickening);
  • when isolated coumarin therapy is not sufficient;
  • when coumarin therapy can not be performed.

How is it used? 

CEPROTIN is intended for intravenous (infusion into a vein) administration. It is given to you under the supervision of your physician who is experienced in substitution therapy with coagulation factors / inhibitors and where monitoring of protein C activity is possible. The dosage depends on your condition and your body weight.

Side Effects:

  • The accompanying antagonistic responses have been recognized amid postapproval utilization of CEPROTIN:
  • Mental Disorders: Restlessness
  • Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders: Hyperhydrosis

Since these responses are accounted for willfully from a populace of questionable size, it isn’t constantly conceivable to dependably evaluate their recurrence or set up a causal relationship to medicate presentation.

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