Humira Pen 40mg / 0.8ml

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Humira Pen 40mg / 0.8ml

International Name : Humira Pen 40mg / 0.8ml

Contains : Adalimumab

Manufacturer : ABBOTT

Form : Pen

Packing : 1 Injection

Strength : 40mg / 0.8ml

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Humira Pen 40mg / 0.8ml

HUMIRA (adalimumab) is a recombinant human IgG1 monoclonal counteracting agent explicit for human tumour corruption factor (TNF). HUMIRA was made utilizing phage show innovation bringing about an immune response with human determined substantial and light chain variable areas and human IgG1:k steady locales.

Adalimumab is created by recombinant DNA innovation in a mammalian cell articulation framework and is decontaminated by a procedure that incorporates explicit viral inactivation and expulsion steps. It comprises of 1330 amino acids and has a sub-atomic load of roughly 148 kilodaltons.

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