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AmBisome 50mg

International Name : AmBisome

Contains : amphotericin B

Manufacturer : Gilead Sciences and Astellas Pharma US

Form : Vial

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 50 mg

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AmBisome 50mg

AmBisome (amphotericin B liposomal) is an antifungal medicine that battles diseases caused by parasite. AmBisome is utilized to treat genuine, perilous contagious diseases including leishmaniasis, and a specific type of meningitis in individuals tainted with HIV (human immunodeficiency infection). AmBisome isn’t for treating a minor contagious disease, for example, a yeast contamination of the mouth, throat, or vagina.

AmBisome contains genuine liposomes that are under 100 nm in breadth. A schematic portrayal of the liposome is exhibited underneath. AmBisome for Injection is a sterile, non-pyrogenic lyophilized item for intravenous mixture. AmBisome comprises of these unilamellar bilayer liposomes with amphotericin B intercalated inside the film. Because of the nature and amount of amphophilic substances utilized, and the lipophilic moiety in the amphotericin B atom, the medication is an indispensable piece of the general structure of the AmBisome liposomes.

Side Effect:

  • Chest torment, beating heartbeats or vacillating in your chest
  • Feeling unsteady or shy of breath
  • Low potassium (perplexity, uneven heart rate, outrageous thirst, expanded pee, leg uneasiness, limp feeling)
  • Loss of craving, retching, urinating not as much as normal or not in the least
  • Swelling, quick weight pick up
  • Pale skin, shortcoming, quick heart rate, inconvenience concentrating
  • Muscle torment, delicacy, or shortcoming (particularly in the event that you likewise have fever, irregular tiredness, and dim hued pee.


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