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Yondelis 1mg

International Name : Yondelis 1mg

Contains : Trabectedin

Manufacturer : Janssen Products, LP

Form : Vial

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 1 mg

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Yondelis 1mg

Yondelis 1Mg Injection is utilized in the treatment of chemotherapy. Therapeutic experts use Yondelis 1Mg Injection for the treatment of ovarian malignant growth that has re-happened. Delicate tissue sarcoma is additionally treated with this medication.


Yondelis 1Mg Injection works by appending to cell DNA and annihilating it, along these lines keeping the malignant growth cell from increasing and spreading.

It is managed intravenously by means of a dribble into the vein of the arm or the chest. The treatment may keep going for a few months.

The treatment cycle by and large relies upon the degree of the malignant growth and the wellbeing of the patient. The Yondelis 1Mg Injection trickle is for the most part regulated for a time of 24 hours and. A hole of around 3 weeks is kept up between each snooze. If there should be an occurrence of ovarian disease, the main portion might be regulated for around 3 hours. In the event that the body responds well to the medication, another portion is allowed following 60 minutes. Ordinary blood tests are done along the procedure of chemotherapy treatment with Yondelis 1Mg Injection.

Side Effects:

General symptoms of Yondelis 1Mg Injection, which may influence 1 persistent among 10 incorporate breathing issues, high danger of getting contaminations, wounding, seeping of the gums just as nose drains, shortcoming, change in taste, stoppage, cerebral pains, torment in the muscles and hack.




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