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Taxotere 20 mg/1 ml

International Name : Taxotere 20 mg/1 ml

Contains : Docetaxel

Manufacturer : Sanofi Aventis

Form : Bottle

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 20 mg/1 ml

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Taxotere 20 mg/1 ml

This medicine is utilized to treat malignant growth, (for example, bosom, lung, prostate, stomach, and head/neck disease). Docetaxel is an individual from a group of medications called taxanes. This medication works by moderating cell development.


Peruse the Patient Information Leaflet accessible from your drug specialist. Counsel your specialist, medical attendant or drug specialist in the event that you have any inquiries.

This medicine is given by infusion into a vein by a social insurance proficient, by and large more than 1 hour at regular intervals or as coordinated by your specialist. The measurement and recurrence depends on your ailment and reaction to treatment.

Your specialist may recommend pre-prescriptions (e.g., corticosteroids, for example, dexamethasone) to counteract symptoms like swelling (liquid maintenance/edema) and unfavorably susceptible responses. These are by and large begun 1 day before treatment and proceeded for a sum of 3 days. Cautiously pursue your specialist’s requests to plan for your treatment. In the event that you neglect to take your pre-drug, or don’t take it on calendar, tell your specialist or medical caretaker before you get your docetaxel treatment.

Side Effects:

See additionally Warning segment.

Agony or swelling at the infusion site, sickness, spewing, looseness of the bowels, unnecessary tearing, exhaustion, discombobulation, sluggishness, feeling alcoholic, blockage, and loss of craving may happen. Sickness and regurgitating can be serious. Now and again, tranquilize treatment might be important to forestall or diminish sickness and retching. Not eating before your treatment may help diminish queasiness and heaving. Changes in eating regimen, for example, eating a few little suppers or constraining movement may help decrease a portion of these impacts. On the off chance that any of these impacts endure or exacerbate, tell your specialist or drug specialist instantly.

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