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Pomalid 2mg

International Name : Pomalid


Manufacturer : Natco pharma

Form : Capsules

Packing : 21 Capsules

Strength : 2mg

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Pomalid 2mg


  • Pomalidomide is used with another medication, (for instance, dexamethasone) to treat a sort of dangerous development in the bone marrow (different myeloma). It works by subsiding or stopping the improvement of harm cells. Pomalyst (pomalidomide) is an immunomodulatory sedate used to treat patients with various myeloma, a sort of threatening development that impacts white platelet.
  • Pomalid is a damage cure that meddles with the progression and spread of improvement cells in the body. It is utilized as a bit of people to treat certain sorts of cutting edge chest contamination that has spread to different parts of the body. Pomalid exporter supplies meds to brokers wherever all through the world.

Symptoms of Pomalid:

Talk your expert immediately If  that you have:

  • Direct harming, surprising kicking the can (nose, mouth, vagina, or rectum), purple or red pinpoint spots under your skin
  • Troubles or ulcers in your mouth, red or swollen gums, load gulping
  • Low white platelet tallies – Fever, Swollen gums, anguishing mouth wounds, torment while gulping, skin wounds, cold or influenza responses, hack, try loosening up
  • Low red platelets (squeeze deficiency) – sensible skin
  • Basic reactions may include: queasiness, heaving, free inner parts, loss of craving

Mouth wounds, decreased notion taste, shortcoming, feeling tired, deadness, shivering, or eating up torment in your arms, legs, hands or feet, abnormal liver limit tests.You might be in danger of contamination so attempt to keep up a fundamental partition from social event or individuals with colds, and report fever or some unique indications of disease quickly to your human organizations supplier. Wash your hands routinely. Avoid contact diversions or exercises that could cause hurt. To decrease disease, take against queasiness cures as bolstered by your power, and eat near nothing, visit meals. Keep up a vital separation from sun introduction. Wear SPF 15 (or higher) sunblock and monitored pieces of attire. We offer the most stretched out assortment of things identified with different sicknesses like Cancer Drugs, Hepatitis Drugs, Kidney Disease, Antibiotics, Antiviral and some more. We are guaranteeing great quality things, low regard alludes to and on-time transport. Association is our maxim and that is the reason we are in the market as pioneers of Oncology Drugs Wholesaler, Supplier, Distributor and vendor for over a Decade. We are an affiliation that sets raised essentials. Our headway has begun from offering an unparalleled game plan of inventive, shocking things and associations working out as intended in perspective of the commitment of our workers.

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