International Name : TAUROLOCK

Manufacturer : Tauro Pharm

Form : Bottle

Packing : 3 Ampules

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  • TauroLock jolt respond in due order regarding vascular catheters is used to diminish the amount of catheter-related defilements and to keep up patency.prevents the advancement of biofilm in the catheter. TauroLock™-U25.000 is avowed to be conferred into catheter-based contraptions for central venous access. Fixings/Specification: TauroLock™-U25.000 contains substances to ensure patency and expert vide ailment control in the device. It is used with a port or a catheter-based vascular access contraption.
  • TauroLock™ is avowed for instillation in all central venous access structures. TauroLock™ remaining in the catheter keeps the advancement of a bacterial biofilm. The catheter stays infection free.
  • TauroLock™-U25.000 is affirmed for instillation in all focal venous access frameworks. TauroLock™-U25.000 staying in the catheter keeps the development of a bacterial biofilm. The catheter stays contamination free and works legitimately at high patency.

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