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Ocublue Plus

International Name: Marketing Authorization Holder: Pack Size:
Ocublue Plus Aurolab Pack of 5 Bottles
Contains: Strength: Presentation:
Brilliant Blue G Solution   0.05% w/v
Sterile 5 X 1 ml Solution

Brilliant Blue G Solution (Ocublue Plus) in addition to is a sterile, pyrogen free blue shaded watery arrangement. It contains splendid blue g another non-poisonous triphenylmethane color which specifically recolors   to encourage finish peeling amid retinal surgery to repair macula openings. It is prepared to us. One container approaches one liter working arrangement. 300 ml of splendid blue G arrangement gather is provided in the jug. Splendid Blue G arrangement has been utilized for protein band recognition after SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). It is likewise utilized for the protein recoloring of cells on minute slide

Item includes:

  • Biocompatible and Non harmful.
  • Good recoloring and Better difference.
  • No photograph instigated reactions.
  • No provocative responses.


To specifically recolor and imagine inward constraining layer, encouraging expulsion of the tissue and diminishing the danger of retinal harm.


No contraindications are known when utilized as a part of agreement with the proposals.


Accessible in sterile 1 ml vial (pack of 5 vials) arrangement and have convergence of 0.05% w/v splendid blue g in supported arrangement.

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