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5 Vials in 1 pack

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Trypan Blue 0.06% w/v  0.06% w/v
Sterile solution Vial

Auroblue is an essential color, utilized as a part of developed waterfall surgery, which recolors the foremost container and sinewy tissue that empowers the specialist to imagine the case obviously. AUROBLUE is a sterile readiness of Trypan Blue 0.06% w/v in cushioned arrangement

Item includes:

  • A container stainer to help simple capsulorhexis in waterfall surgery.
  • Incredible perception of a container in eyes with developed waterfall/limit understudies.
  • The clear perception of a blueprint of the case edge amid surgery.
  • Lessens danger of deficient capsulorhexis.

Used as a compartment recoloring authority in waterfall surgery. Auroblue is a non-hydrated (Dry state) hydrophilic acrylic Intraocular point of convergence (IOL) is expected to install into an eye, in light of the fact that the shading may be devoured by the IOL and get recolored. Available in the clean 1ml vial with taking in the pack of five. Trypan Blue Solution (Auroblue) which is generally called Auroblue and Manufactured by Aurolabs., India. It is open in nature of 0.06% w/v
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