Erlotinib Tablets IP 150mg

Erlotinib Tablets IP 150mg



International Name: Marketing Authorization Holder: Pack Size:
Erlocip 150

Cipla Ltd., India

30 Tablets

Contains: Strength: Presentation:
Erlotinib IP 150 mg 150 mg

Storage & Handling

Temperature Ambient
Hazard No
Cytotoxic No


Erlotinib is used to treat lung and pancreatic tumor. It works by lessening or stopping the advancement of tumor cells.

Well ordered directions to use Erlotinib Tablet

Take this arrangement by mouth on an empty stomach (no under 1 hour earlier or 2 hours after a devour) as composed by your expert, when in doubt once every day. The estimation relies upon your restorative condition, response to treatment, and diverse solutions you may take. Make sure to instruct your expert and medication pro with respect to each one of the things you use (checking professionally endorsed drugs, nonprescription solutions, and home developed products).Medications that lower stomach destructive, (for instance, corrosive neutralizers, H2 blockers including ranitidine) may keep erlotinib from working. Ask your authority or medication pro how to use these meds safely with erlotinib. Abstain from eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while using this arrangement unless your authority or medication expert says you may do in that capacity safely. Approach your pro or medication pro for more points of interest. Utilize this arrangement as often as possible to get the most preferred standpoint from it. To empower you to recall, take it meanwhile every day. Try not to grow your measurement or use this solution more consistently or for longer than supported. Your condition won’t upgrade any speedier, and your peril of real side effects will increment. Since this solution can be acclimatized through the skin and lungs and may hurt an unborn youngster, women who are pregnant or who may wind up obviously pregnant ought not manage this prescription or breathe in the clean from the tablets.


The runs, dry skin, muscle/joint desolation, mouth wounds, unpredictable eyelash improvement, or eye dryness/redness/annoying may happen. Detachment of the insides can be extraordinary. Every so often, your expert may embrace medicine to alleviate detachment of the guts.

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