Bulk Pharma Export

Gm-global follows all strict export clearance policies and processes for pharmaceuticals, mentioned by Indian Government. Our goal is that manufacturer export their products with time efficiency. We keep record on our supply material. For bulk pharma export services, below are the steps that we follow:

Steps involved in clearance process:

  • After recieving order from clent, we arrange the order and start the shipment process.

  • We submit application  for ADC(Additional Drug Controller), NOC (No Objection Certificate), this things make it sure that our pharmaceuticals has quality and genuineness.

  • Clear the clearance mentioned in Indian Custom Law.

  • For checking aspect we attain  valid Customs Shipping Bill.

  • After submission of shipping bill, exchanges panels copy is shared. Then, payment is released from the clients account to our account .

We are gratified to share that due to the detailed process followed by us, so far we have never had any issues of counterfeit in our organisation. We provide best pharmacy shipping in worldwide. We provide the certified branded products.  We supply generic medicines at reasonable prices.

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