Generic medicines vs branded medicines

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Generic medicines vs branded medicines


Introduction to generic and branded medicines

Generic drugs have the same active ingredient (the substance that works to cure the condition that the medicine is supposed to treat) in the same amount as brand-name medicines. Generic drugs, like the brand-name medicines they mimic, have the same effect on the body in terms of healing sickness.

In comparison to their branded equivalents, generic drugs are offered under a different name and may contain different inactive chemicals (ingredients that give the product its taste, shape, texture, fragrance, and so on, but do not influence the body to relieve health issues). They are not to be confused with counterfeit pharmaceuticals, which are illegally created duplicates of legitimate medications that may or may not contain the same active ingredient.

Branded Medicines

A branded medication is the original product that a pharmaceutical company has developed. When a firm creates a new pharmaceutical, it must go through and pass a series of tests and evaluations to guarantee that it is both effective in treating the illness it claims to treat and safe for human consumption. Pharmaceutical companies are granted exclusive rights to produce and distribute a new treatment for a set length of time because they invest a significant amount of money in its development.

Medicine is said to have a patent when it is handed sole manufacturing and distribution rights to a pharmaceutical business. A patent provides a detailed technical description of the medicine and its intended application. No one else can create a drug that is identical to the patented drug for a length of time after the patent is awarded; the medicine belongs exclusively to the original firm. As a result, branded medicines are the most well-known and trusted types of that specific medicine.

Generic Medicines

A generic drug is a knockoff of a brand-name product. The pharmaceutical business that developed the medicine no longer has the sole right to make and market the medicine once the patent for the original product has expired. Other pharmaceutical companies can develop their own versions of the drug.

The active ingredient in the generic product is the same as in the branded version in terms of type and quantity, but the inactive substances are slightly different. The generic drug is sold under a different brand name and may differ from the original in appearance (for example, color or form).

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